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We are thanking behind visiting our new web page. As the modern company, we want to give you the possibility of staying in the contact with us and with our offer. The new system of managing content will permit regular revisions of our bulletin.

In the here and now the web page continuously is being extended. We are making every effort in order already soon to present for you full scope of our offer. At present we are obliging with the information in the topic general and we made available the possibility of placing an order on-line. We are putting the deep pressure on the speed and the elasticity of order processing. If these topics are answering of you for interests, we are inviting in the recent near future again.

We remain to you for the order under a telephone number: +48 91 4624179,
tel/fax: +48 91 44 21 693 and mobile : +48 609 519 544 and +48 664 170 203. We expect the side to the contact from you. We are also inviting to the mail contact at the address: mishka@tu.com.pl or supply@shipchandler.com.pl

If you don't know our company and you are establishing the first contact with us online, we will be feeling very nicely! We will be grateful for remarks and questions which we will answer as soon as possible.

A few words about our company: we are cooperating with shipowners of ships which are putting into port in Szczecin and shipping agencies. We are specializing in the supply of provisions, technical articles as well as we are a representative of companies which are producing: generators, compressors, equipping the kitchen . Our regular customers value the promptness of supplies and the best quality of delivered products in the particular.